Monday, March 1, 2010

Lauren's Upholstery Update

The progress continues on the chairs. Last week, I put in an "edge roll" along the front rim of the seat. I did this by rolling cotton padding in burlap and attaching it to the front of the chair. The idea is to soften the frame and the area where the springs are. It helps reestablish the structure of the chair so I can continue building up the seat.

The next step would have been to start building up the back of my chair. It's a little different from the seat in that fabric is actually the first step, instead of the last. Sort of the reverse process of what I've been doing. As you know, I haven't picked fabric yet. It's crunch-time so the decision will be made soon. Will keep you posted on what I pick!

With the extra class time, I started to build up the arms of the chairs. First I put on a few layers of cotton padding, then foam, and finally muslin.
Cotton padding and then foam on the arms.

More to come + Nick's update soon...

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  1. while you worked incredibly hard on your chair the other night (which is really coming along!!!), i ate pizza and watched tv.