Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fabric Hunt

Been doing a lot of fabric-searching online...

photo by SwankySwell

This Etsy shop caught my eye big time. Swanky Swell makes hand-printed and earth-friendly designs in San Francisco, and they're gorgeous! At first I was having trouble finding any fabrics I liked, and now... I'm overwhelmed. Love them all. I'll leave it to you guys. What's the vote? What should I do my chair in?

Check out their blog for more pics and an amazing upholstery job as well!

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Hi ! Thanks for the link, these fabrics are amazing ! And the blog is great too ! I can't help you decide, because I couldn't decide either !!

  2. out of those four, i go with the top right.

  3. The bottom two are both good. The bottom right-hand corner print looks like you.

  4. all so pretty, i think you should spin around really fast and point.

  5. i agree with julia. i think spinning and pointing is the only way.

  6. My choice would be the bottom left. I think that it would compliment with the lines/design of the chair.