Thursday, April 1, 2010

Can't Wait to Try This!

As you know, we've been on an endless quest for fabric. We've traveled long and far across the internet (and Boston), and haven't come up with any winners. The trouble is usually weighing cost and how much we love the look of the fabric. One of the problems we keep encountering is finding interesting prints that are only available in light-weight quilting fabrics, not so good for heavy upholstery projects.

BUT we've stumbled upon something that could be truly great: Spoonflower Fabrics

You can upload a JPEG and design your own fabric. They give lots of helpful tips for creating the image/making sure it looks the way you want when it's printed. You can also order a swatch just to be sure it's perfect. Prices are reasonable, they use eco-friendly methods, and there's no minimum to order (and they do offer upholstery weight fabric). Goodness gracious I could go on and on. What a brilliant idea. If you can't tell, we're really excited about this. Also, the sun just came out for the first time in days!

You can choose to make your print private, or you can go public and offer it to others. If other people end up using your print, you get a small designer's commission. I can't get over how genius this idea is. They do a weekly fabric contest on their blog where you can go through submissions and vote for favorites. Definitely worth checking out!

"Yellow Daffodils" by Holli Zollinger who won the Daffodil-themed weekly contest. She posted more about the process of designing the print on her blog.

More weekly contest winners

We haven't tried it just yet, but we can't wait to give it a go. We'll keep you posted. If we can just sharpen up our sewing skills, the possibilities will be endless...


  1. Hi - did you know Zimmans in Lynn can also do the same thing? Check out their website - I just saw this: "Create the fabric of your dreams at a surprisingly low cost. Bring us a swatch, photo or your imagination and our designers will work with you to create your custom made fabric from one of our many mills around the world." What a great way to support a local business, too!