Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nick's Weekly Upholstery Update

My chair is very different in structure from Lauren's. For instance, Lauren's chair has the individual coiled springs, while mine has what are called "S-coils" or "Zig Zag springs." They're curvy wires that are held in place by clips. Fortunately, my chair's zig-zag springs were in great shape to start and didn't need replacing.

Compared to the complicated and time-consuming process of tying coiled springs (which Lauren did so well), zig-zag springs only have to be tied horizontally (with ruby twine). This is to ensure that the springs move together, for an even feeling when sitting in the chair.

Once I finished the horizontal tying, I covered the chair's seat, back, and arms with burlap over top of the webbing I put in last week. Next up, we'll be putting in cotton padding and muslin. Stayed tuned!

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